Friday, 25 October 2013

I'm Back!

It's a few of weeks away from my presentation for my assignment and I not had much practice with the guitar in the last few weeks. I have been playing since my last post (which I know was quite a long time ago!!) but have been occupied with other things. Since my last post I have plucked up the courage to play in front of my flatmates and a few other friends. I wasn't exactly amazing and my talent didn't blow anyone away but I did manage to put a few chords together to make an OK sounding song! I was pretty stoked as my flatmates didn't think I would be able to do it! I have now been asked to teach a couple of them the basics that I now know so that we can all use the guitar when we have free time around the flat. YAY! Moving up in the guitar world.
I now need to practice a little bit more and decide on a song to play for my group presentation. aaaaahhhhhhhhh!


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